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"I'll coach you on the most efficient route to visible results"

You'll Never Need a Gym Again.

Find it hard to plan workouts?

Unsure where to start?

Want that athletic body in the quickest time possible?

Get your training right first time and reach your fullest potential by learning the simple secrets the fitness industry would rather you didn't know.

I'll design and deliver a personalized 90-day plan for you - providing full support you on your journey.

"if we didn't need a gym, then neither do you"​

I’m Sam, an ex-military officer and creator of this unique course.

I’m going to show you how to unleash the transformative power of bodyweight workout programs. 

These are the proven methods we used in the military for achieving incredible fitness results, anywhere in the world.

Previous Students

"This course has saved me a gym membership! I've been using your advice and I'm on track for my target weight for summer - it's exactly what I needed"
Bodyweight Workout Testimonial
Sarah Westwood
"Sam has actually used these methods while on operations with the military - I feel like he's totally demystified the process of home workouts"
Happy Customer
Paul Roe
"When the gyms closed for COVID, I needed to stay in shape at home. This course gives me everything I needed to be able to do this, and more"
Happy Customer
Rav Nasheem
"Love how the course just cuts-the-crap and gets on with showing you the way a personal trainer would plan out a program. I've seen results in a couple of weeks and have way more motivation than before."
Bodyweight Workout Testimonial
David Jansen
"Sam is an excellent instructor and provided important information on how to achieve fitness through Bodyweight workout. I liked that he addressed common myths of fitness which tend to affect our mindset around fitness goals.

He also explained the major features of workouts tailored for strength training, muscle endurance and weight loss. No matter your starting level you can use the fundamentals of this course to craft your routine and achieve your fitness goals. Thanks Sam!"
Bodyweight Workout Testimonial
Brunee rowan
"It's the best content I have ever seen on the internet that explains the basics of creating a workout plan for yourself. Sam shows every aspect of improving your body and he trains you to do it in a logical way, not by copying someone's success story but creating your own.

I highly recommend this course if you want to start working out at home but don't know what to do, where to start."
Bodyweight Workout Testimonial
Brad Wilkinson
"This is the most useful short course I have ever taken. Literally gets right to the point and provides you all the information you need to take a hold of your fitness.

I don't know why every other fitness channel seems to make this all so complicated - but I feel like I've done a degree in fitness and it's only taken me a few hours. Really awesome course.
Thank you, Sir."
Bodyweight Workout Testimonial
Will Bullock

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Start your fitness journey on the best footing – with a personalized lifestyle and workout plan that balances military-proven techniques with the latest scientific research.

Stronger. Leaner. More athletic. Happier.


Taking ownership of your training program is more than just a route to a sculpted physique; it is a mindset that can be used in all aspects of life.

You’ll learn lifestyle planning methods that will last you a lifetime – no gym required. 

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