Fitness training without equipment: the truth gyms don’t want you to hear

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Over the last 40 years, one particular industry has grown at an enormous rate.

That industry is of course the fitness industry.

Whether it be nutritional powders, personal trainers, clothing or gym memberships, literally billions of dollars are spent every year within the health and fitness sector.

Then 2020 happened.

With so many gyms being forced to close their doors for reason of public safety, huge numbers of people starting asking the question: can I get in shape without equipment?

And deep down, most people know the answer to this – that you can workout effectively without equipment.

But what they’re really asking is ‘how?’

Or at least, ‘how can I workout most efficiently without equipment?’

There’s this idea that gym equipment will mean we can reach our fitness goals faster, somehow making the process less painful.

But in actual fact, working out without equipment is a very efficient way of training for almost any goal.

Of course, there are a couple of exceptions, like bodybuilding.

But hey – how practical really is bodybuilding when you think about it?


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Working out without equipment is nothing new

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the gym-closures of 2020 are unprecedented.

Because gyms have become such a large part of so any people’s lives.

But gyms really have only recently become a popular (or dare I say trendy) lifestyle choice.

Historically, humans have kept physically fit through the activity they do, rather than spending hours on a treadmill, or bench press.

Humans ‘worked out’ without equipment simply through the active lifestyles they led, rather than in specific training sessions.

In fact, the only humans to really train their bodies for something (other than Olympic athletes) were warriors.

Professional armies would train to fight. And they would do this by mimicking the actions they would need when they entered battle – something called functional training.

It was the military that invented functional training and it’s one of the most efficient ways of training your body.

In fact, this is still the preferred method of fitness training for the military today.

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bodyweight workout no equipment without training

Working out without equipment: three fundamentals for success

There are three things that are key to success when it comes to working out without equipment.


Because knowing how to build workouts that are specific and tailored to you is essential if you want to achieve results in a respectable timeframe.

Simply following online YouTube videos will only get you so far. Why? Because they are not tailored to you.

Your unique height, weight, gender, goals, age, ability, experience, genetics should all play a part in how a workout is designed.

And knowing how to design these workouts is the first step.



Knowledge will only get you so far.

You need to have a goal; an ambition.

Whether it be that you want to lose X number of pounds by a certain date, or to get a visible six pack. Having a goal is essential and setting out a pathway to achieving that goal is a fundamental step in making it happen.



This is something that, for many, came with a gym membership.

By paying for monthly subscription, an unconscious part of our brain tells us that we should go to the gym because we are invested in it.

So, when you take away the gym and monthly subscriptions, some of that accountability also goes away.

The trick is to make yourself accountable. This is harder for some that it is for others, but without accountability, it is unlikely that you’ll stick to your planned workout routine.

The excuses that you make to yourself start to creep in when your accountability is lacking.

This is an often overlooked part of working out without equipment, but it is essential to find and maintain accountability when working out without equipment at home.

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bodyweight workout no equipment without training

Can you really achieve any goal without workout equipment?

Well, I would say almost any goal.

Shredding fat, building up cardio fitness, getting stronger, more toned and improving overall health and flexibility are all possible without any significant equipment.

Building large amounts of muscle size is more difficult and I would say that without iron, you’re not going to give Mr. Olympia anything to worry about.

However, if you’re looking for an athletic physique – one that’s low in body fat, ripped and functional, then you can certainly achieve it with bodyweight workouts alone.

I know because I’ve been there and done it.

Whilst on long deployments with the military overseas we didn’t have access to gyms or fancy equipment.

And you know what?

I was in the best shape of my life.

If you’re looking to learn the proven-military methods we used to stay in shape without equipment, as well as how to design your own personalized workout programs for any goal, check out The Bodyweight Workout Training Program.



Working out at home without equipment, for many, will be a new activity.

One that has come about due to gym closures, lockdowns and what many are calling a ‘new normal’.

Gyms have taken people’s money for many years, offering them the solution to getting in great shape. Truth is, you don’t need a gym or fancy equipment.

Just a little knowledge, ambition and accountability.

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