6 Tips for Keeping Your Family Fit During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced gyms, yoga studios, and other fitness centers to close their doors. Children who are now attending school remotely are no longer participating in gym class, playing on the playground, or getting exercise through after-school athletics programs. If your whole family has been feeling a bit sluggish lately, it’s probably because […]

The 20-Minute, Do-Anywhere Bodyweight Workout

JUMP TO WEEK 1 OF WORKOUT DOWNLOAD THE WORKOUT (FREE) Introduction Bodyweight workouts are in high demand. Throughout 2020, gyms closed, social distancing became a ‘thing’ and those of us wanting to stay in shape, or get in shape, needed a simple solution.   But you know what? Bodyweight training is nothing new. For years, […]

Fitness training without equipment: the truth gyms don’t want you to hear

without equipment fitness workout training no

Introduction Over the last 40 years, one particular industry has grown at an enormous rate. That industry is of course the fitness industry. Whether it be nutritional powders, personal trainers, clothing or gym memberships, literally billions of dollars are spent every year within the health and fitness sector. Then 2020 happened. With so many gyms […]

5 Steps to Your First Pull-Up or Chin-Up: Beginner Progression Plan


One of the most common questions I get asked is: “how to I progress to doing my first pull-up?” Which makes sense. It’s a great question. The pull-up isn’t a particularly easy movement if you’ve never managed to do one before. And there isn’t any obvious way to make the movement easier. The good news […]

The Benefits of Bodyweight Training: A New Normal for Fitness?

bodweight training benefits

The world is changing. So many industries are scrambling to keep up with the unprecedented events of recent months. Trying to stay afloat. To adapt their business model to changing demand. Not least of these is the fitness industry. Gyms across the world closed their doors during the COVID-19 crisis, whilst people looked for other […]

How to Split your Bodyweight Workouts for Maximum Benefit

Split bodyweight workouts

There’s a ton of reasons I love bodyweight workouts as a method for getting in shape. Whether it’s burning fat, toning muscle or building strength, we can achieve almost any fitness goals using bodyweight movements alone. One question I get asked frequently is ‘should I split up exercises between workouts, or just repeat the same […]

Bodyweight Exercises: How Often is Too Often?

Bodyweight exercise often frequency

Bodyweight exercises have be proven to be an incredible way to get yourself into awesome shape, without equipment. Just ask anyone who has served in the military: they’ll be able to tell you that, if done correctly, you’re able to get a great workout from bodyweight exercises…almost anywhere. No gym required. They’ll also be able […]

5 Hacks that Prove Anyone Can Get Fit at Home Without Equipment

Stay Fit Home No Equipment

Introduction It may be that you’re new to fitness. Or perhaps you’ve joined the thousands who have decided that gym memberships are too expensive. Or maybe it’s that you’re stuck at home because of a worldwide pandemic. Whatever the barrier to your fitness goals, you’re now asking yourself the question: can you get fit at […]

Bodyweight training at home without a gym

Body weight training without gym science

There are a few options when it comes to training you can do without access to a gym. This article looks at the science behind bodyweight training at home – something pretty much all of us can do. Anyone who follows my posts on this site will know that I am a huge advocate of […]

5 Reasons to start doing more bodyweight workouts


Bodyweight training is an awesome way to develop your functional fitness.    Introduction: My journey away from big weights, to body weight I used to think that heading to the gym 5 times a week and lifting as much iron as I could over a 60-minute session was what it meant to ‘train‘. I’d never […]