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I’m Sam, an ex-military officer and creator of this unique course.

I’m going to show you how to become a master of bodyweight workout programs, using the same techniques we used in the military for achieving incredible fitness levels, anywhere in the world.

I spent almost 10 years as a military officer: a job that took me to some of the world’s most dangerous regions.

I’ve led teams of people on the front line of military deployments around the globe, operating in tough environments for long periods.

Whilst some of these deployments were dangerous, all of them were certainly uncomfortable.

My team and I have hardly ever had access to luxuries like air-conditioned gyms or well-laid-out running routes.

But we were still able to stay in peak condition for our job.

I've spent years learning these skills.
But I once thought that if you wanted to get in great shape - you needed a gym...

Before I joined the military, I was sure that if you wanted to be in shape, to be strong, fit, and ready to take on the world, then you needed to a member of a gym.

But during my time in the military, and over the years since, I’ve worked hard to build my expertise in this field.

I now coach others not only on the importance of staying in shape, but also on how incredible levels of fitness can be achieved in any environment.

Anywhere in the world.

No gym or equipment required. 

So, what's my first lesson on the journey to gym-freedom?

It’s that this whole process, (the process the fitness industry would rather you didn’t know), is one anyone can learn.

And today the opportunity is right here.

Packaged up for you and ready to go. 

Is finding motivation your biggest challenge?

find MILITARY- LEVELS of motivation & confidence

I'll coach you on how to manage your own motivation, using a proven 3-step formula:



I’ll lead you through the military’s most effective step-by-step method for setting realistic goals, based on individual fitness ambitions



I will empower you with all the knowledge and resources you need to quickly reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be



I’ll show you how to take the genuine ownership you need to quit being lazy, unmotivated, and distracted: a proven military method for motivation that lasts.

"I'll provide you everything you need to get in the best shape of your life..."



Common Myths

Debunking the fitness industry's most misleading myths


A deep-dive into the science behind bodyweight workouts and what makes them so effective

Muscular Strength

How you can use military methods to develop training programs that build muscular strength

Fat Loss

Learn the quickest way to lose unwanted body-fat

Muscular Endurance

How to optimize a training program for building muscular endurance

Cardiovascular Endurance

The fundamentals of a training program optimized for building cardio-endurance


Learn to benefit from the military's most favored training method

Building a Program

The step-by-step method personal trainers use to build a program that gets results


It's fundamental to your success. Learn how to get the most from what you eat.


Understand why and how rest should feature as part of your active lifestyle


Goal Setting

Because knowing how to make yourself accountable is the real secret to quick results that last


Bodyweight Exercise Video Library

5 Accompanying Guidebooks

Course Handbook

Fundamentals of Workout Design​

Nutrition Handbook​

Home Workout Starter Pack​

Travel Workout Starter Pack​

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What my previous students say:

Your course has saved me a gym membership! I've been sing your advice and I'm on track for my target weight for summer!
Happy Customer
Sarah Westwood
Sam has actually used these methods while on operations with the military - I feel like he's totally demystified the process of home workouts
Happy Customer
Paul Roe
When the gyms closed for COVID, I needed to stay in shape at home. This course gives me everything I needed to be able to do this, and more
Happy Customer
Rav Nasheem

Sam is an excellent instructor and provided important information on how to achieve fitness through Bodyweight workout. I liked that he addressed common myths of fitness which tend to affect our mindset around fitness goals.

He also explained the major features of workouts tailored for strength training, muscle endurance and weight loss. No matter your starting level you can use the fundamentals of this course to craft your routine and achieve your fitness goals. Thanks Sam!

– Brunèe Rowan
May 2020

It’s the best content I have ever seen on the internet that explains the basics of creating a workout plan for yourself. The instructor shows every aspect of improving your body and he trains you to do it in a logical way, not by copying someone’s success story but creating your own.

I highly recommend this course if you want to start working out at home but don’t know what to do, where to start.

– Brad Wilkinson
May 2020

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