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"if we didn't need a gym,
then neither do you"


“I spent almost 10 years as a military officer: a job that took me to some of the world’s most dangerous regions.

I’ve seen people at their very best. And their very worst.

Working in the toughest of conditions, I’ve learnt what genuinely motivates people to reach their goals – no matter how difficult the journey can be.

Having seen people at their fittest, strongest, leanest. Their most determined and their most high-spirited. I have come to be sure of one important, life-changing fact.

That you don’t need a gym to reach your physical potential.

Using the functional techniques used by the military, I’m helping people finally achieve their fitness goals, without the need for gyms, equipment or subscriptions.

Since leaving the military I worked as an advisor and coach for those facing the most risk within organizations. Ultimately, my job was to prepare them to deal with dangerous situations when things don’t go to plan.

At the core of my coaching is always one key principle: that overall fitness is the one biggest thing you can do to improve:

Your success rate

Your survivability

and of course,

 Your happiness

There’s no quick-fix to fitness, but there are methods which work…everytime.”

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